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Admissions and Study Permits

Canada is home to world class education with thousands of different programs. Other than having a prestigious education after your studies, studying in Canada also paves the pathway to permanent residency.

We partner with over 17 different institutions across 5 different provinces. Please see our Study in Canada for a list of partner institutions.
We will guide you through the preparation of documents that are critical to having a successful application such as a study plan, letter of intent, proof of financials and ties to your home country. 

Admission and Study Permit

How We Can Support

Further Education in Canada 

Choosing the right program and college/ university is one of the most important factors in your study permit, sometimes choosing the incorrect program can jeopardize the success of your application. Our College Admissions Managers are ICEF Trained Agent Councilors and licensed under the American TESOL institute. Based on the facts of your background, we will help to decide which program would best suite you. 
Study Permit
As a study permit holder in Canada, you are allowed to reside in Canada and study at a Canadian institution. Study permit holders also have the advantage of being able to work up to 20 hours off campus.

However students who hold a valid study permit in 2023, are allowed to work full-time. This is a temporary change that IRCC has made to address labor shortages.

We will assist you with developing a study plan, letter of intent, and much more to ensure your application has the greatest chances of success. 


Canadian Education is one of the easiest ways to Permanent Residency!

Our Services

Students in Cafeteria
  • Work with our college admissions manager and licensed immigration consultants to determine which school and program would best fit your career and immigration goals 
  • Assistance with school application and connecting with college/ university councillors.
Study Permit
  • Create a customized PNP strategy 
  • Document collection
  • Document review
  • Submission letter
  • TEER code assessment
  • On-Demand Consultations
  • Employment Preparation Program
  • LMIA job seeking and Non-LMIA with employer support
  • Certification support

Ready to Get Started?

Please book an initial consultation using the link provided below. During the consultation your educational credentials, past experiences and viability of studying in Canada. 

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