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Family Sponsorship

The family sponsorship process can be a difficult one with many different documents to prove relationships, proof of ability to support and much more. Canada welcomes 20 percent under the parents and grandparents program and 80 percent under the spousal and children sponsorship programs. Family unification is very important in Canada. We can help you to get there. 

Family Sponsorship

How We Can Support

Family Sponsorship

Spousal Sponsorship
If you are a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada, you can sponsor your spouse for permanent residency. While the application is being processed, a temporary work permit can be applied for. This will allow for you to be with your loved one, while the application is being processed. 
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Child or Other Dependent Sponsorship
If you are a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen, you are able to sponsor your dependent or dependent children if they are under the age of 22 and not married or in a common-law relationship or if the dependent is someone who is over the age of 22 but is unable to support themselves due to physical or mental conditions.
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Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship
For individuals who is one of the first in their immediate family to gain permanent residency or citizenship, you have the option to sponsor your parents and/or grandparents. While they wait for their application to be processed, a super visa can be applied for, for family reuninification. 
Super Visas
Super visas unlike a normal visitors visa allows for temporary residents to stay up to 2 years at a time in Canada compared to the 6 months. This visa is only applicable to those who have their permanent residency or Canadian Citizenship and wish to apply for their parents/ grandparents.
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A nation with a commitment to family reunification offers many immigration options to sponsor family members.

Our Services

Family Sponsorship
  • Advise on the documents required for the sponsorship application. 
  • Advise on areas of the application that can be leveraged to strengthen your application.
  • Prepare forms and letters for submission
  • Advising on steps to take during the application
  • Submission of the application
Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

Ready to Get Started?

Please book an initial consultation using the link provided below. During the consultation your educational background,  employment, financial status and proof of relationship.

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