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Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs

How We Can Support

The application for Express Entry is a federal immigration system that is used to select candidates for Permanent Residency. Although straightforward, it can come with many moving pieces. Our team a CIS is here to make the process easier and less stressful. 

The Provincial Nominee Programs are province based and can be beneficial in getting your residency especially if you are skilled in specialized streams or have some tie to the province. 

Permanent Residency

Express Entry

How It Works
The Express Entry is an online system that is used by the federal government to manage immigration applications from skilled workers. This allows applicants who fall under one or more of the three programs to be eligible to apply for their permanent residency in Canada: 
1. Canadian Experience Class
2. Federal Skilled Worker Program
3. Federal Skilled Program

The application will be based on many factors such as age, English scores, work experience, education and other factors. The government draws for the candidates with the highest number of points, which allows for applicants to receive an Invitation to Apply, allowing them to submit their application for Permanent Residency. 
How to get started
To be able to successfully create an Express Entry profile, 3 items are required: 
1. English or French Test Results from one of the approved testing providers
2. Education Evaluation from an approved provider
3. Eligibility to one of the federal programs

Provincial Nominee Programs

Skilled Immigration
Each province has their own immigration system that helps to address any labor shortages in a specific skill in their own province. This allows for some candidates to gain their permanent residency simply because of their skill or their association with the province such as graduating from a post-secondary institution or opening a business there. 

A few skilled occupations that are often preferred include: 
1. Truck Driving
2. Health Care
3. Trades 
4. Teaching
5. Food Processing
Male Teacher with Students

Find out which province requires your skill set today!

Our Services

Express Entry
  • Create an Express Entry profile for you and your family
  • Document collection
  • Document review
  • Access to discounted IELTS and CELPIP lessons with professional English tutor
  • Submission letter
  • TEER code assessment
  • Bridging Work Permit (if applicable)
  • On-Demand Consultations
Provincial Nomination Program
  • Create a customized PNP strategy 
  • Document collection
  • Document review
  • Submission letter
  • TEER code assessment
  • On-Demand Consultations
  • Employment Preparation Program
  • LMIA job seeking and Non-LMIA with employer support
  • Certification support

Ready to Get Started?

Please book an initial consultation using the link provided below. During the consultation your resume, background and applicable certifications will be evaluated for you and your family to migrate to Canada.

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